About Us

We’re a 100% Australian, family-owned and operated business, built on humble beginnings in the Adelaide Hills, Mylor. Cooper's has been servicing its region for over 120 years, supplying a wide range of animal feed to local farms.

Where we’ve come from

Charles Cooper came Mylor in 1892 to establish his Coach and Wheelwright Business. At the turn of the century, Charles moved into the township to the site where the store stands today. The store is heritage listed with most of the original external structure still standing. Over time the internal structures of the building have changed but you can still imagine what it would have been like in the early days. In 1939 Charles' son Leslie H Cooper took over the General Store and Post Office and began supplying stock and poultry feed for the local community. In 1958 Leslie's son Charlie purchased the business and he and his wife Audrey started the successful grain and fodder business LC & AR Cooper, which became very well known throughout the hills and surrounding areas.

Cooper's today

Now known as Cooper's Rural & Hardware Supplies, the business is today owned and operated by fifth generation, Bradley Cooper. Bradley has been working in the store since his early years and has a raft of local knowledge. His fiancé Christina - a local horse girl - also works in store and is able to assist with any of your equine needs.